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edit; if u need a switched ignition source, DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT think the radio will provide you one. Tore the dash apart for nothing.

Tap off the actual key ignition... When doing so you will have to tap the yellow wire for power, and ground to the key lock mount, or another ground source in the steering column.

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Installed Jensen 7.5 TV/DVD/IPOD/XM etc....

I installed a 7.5 TV/DVD Player/ with XM, Radio, IPOD and Nav unit.

If interested PM for pics

Originally Posted by AztekzRpurty View Post
Found a similar description of the harnesses on the HHR forum, however, they had a pink wire for antenna which we donít, and their gray/tan LF speaker wires were on the other harness, which leads me to wonder if a chime harness will work for both the HHR and the Solstice as I had been assuming, since the radios look identical.

Next I attached the appropriate wires from the radioís harness to the carís harnesses using the tap-in connectors.

Everything worked but I found out later that the radio does not shut off with the key. I could swear the harness power was off when the key was out, and on when the key was on, but maybe I screwed up. The radio also has a wire for constant power, which I hooked up to the cigarette lighter wiring, so I guess the radio might have a setting I could change, but I doubt it. Anyway, itís not worth digging back into the dash as I think I like it this way. I can turn on the radio when Iím washing the car without putting the keys in the ignition. Iíll just have to make sure I turn the radio off when I get out. I should be able to handle that.

Next I removed the Din cage from the new radio. Most aftermarket head units will have this. It comes off by using some flat insertion pins that come with the radio. Read your manual.

Attach the din cage to the adapter. There is a spacer ring that comes with the adapter you have to put in first, then put the cage in and lock it into place by bending over the metal tabs of the din cage.

Once again, easier than it sounds, look at the adapter instructions and your radio manual and it should be clear, provided your manual is in English and not Engrish.

O.K., now the dash adapter. While trial fitting the adapter, I noticed it wouldnít sit all the way down flush. I found that there are circular guide pins on each side that fit into holes in the dash, keeping the piece aligned. It seems they changed that a little on the Solstice. The boomerang piece has a small plastic pin that inserts into a slotted hole in the dash where the alignment pin would normally be. The solution is the remove the pin on the passenger side of the adapter. I did this by drilling from the front side with a ľĒ drill bit. After test fitting again, the hole still wasnít big enough for the boomerang pin to fit through, so I removed the plastic between the drilled hole and the adjacent lower hole with a skil saw. Very ugly but it works.

One more mod to the adapter might be necessary. After installing the adapter, hooking the radio to its harness and antenna adapter, and sliding the radio into its cage, I thought I was ready to reinstall the boomerang. Wrong. I couldnít get the area just above and to the right of the radio to seat back down. I figured the problem was interference from the top of the dash adapter, so I basically took some tin snips and the skil saw and removed everything above the radio trim ring. (see pics) All this plastic served no purpose anyway. Of course, after doing all this, the boomerang still wouldnít seat.

Frustrated, I made sure all the wiring behind the ac controls was out of the way and tried seating the piece with a different sequence. Then it worked fine. Was trimming the adapter piece a waste of time? I donít know. I guess the next person to do this will have to tell us.

All in all, it was a pain, but not as bad as it probably sounds. If youíve done installs before, you should be able to handle it. If you havenít, go slow and ask questions here if you get stumped.

Finally, hereís a video of the unit in action.

Next on the list for me is replacing the door speakers. Iíll let you know how it goes.

Good luck with your install. GetíR Done.
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Just wanted to say thanks for the detailed pictures and info on taking apart the dash. I replaced the single player with a 6cd player and XM in my gf's car. Couldn't have been easier. I didn't have to take apart the leather handle after I unbolted them from the car. My hint it was going to be easy was when the chrome rings simply came off. Are the designers THAT familiar with Lego that they now design cars this way? One word to add though - I am certain almost everyone knows this but just in case - take off the ground to your battery before starting. It would be unfortunate if a wire crossed or touched metal when it shouldn't.

Anyway I am grateful for the knowledge and now just have to get the unlock code for it. Does anyone know if this will be trouble? I bought the player off eBay. I had one reply earlier that said the dealer does it pretty quickly but read another that there had to be paperwork etc.
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Thanks for posting the great instructions! This came in handy when I installed a Parrot Bluetooth kit in my wife's Solstice.

Here is my documentation . . . LINKY
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great job and great details AztekzRpurty

I like all of the details. I have the regular one c d unit in mine as well. My question is, do you feel as though installing a new hu was the best way to go?. I havent made the decision yet because I am pondering over that verses buying a mp3 player. I know I will lose my steering wheel controls but they seem backwards to me anyway after using the ones in my truck. I have found that for the most part I just simply reach down and turn the main volume knob on the unit itself. I took my door panels off the other day to install actuators for door locks and I took pictures of all of my steps to get the panels off if you are interested. I don't know how to post pictures on here but would be glad to send them to you e-mail if you need them. hootie.
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This thread has been really helpful. Thank you!!
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I used this info to replace the light in the fan speed switch on the A/C and Heat control system. Note that when removing the pasenger handle you do not have to split the handgrip. Just unscrew the handle and snake the boomerang dash past it. I will post pictures of the innerds of the A/C and heat control system, soon.

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I would be interested in seeing that as I'd love to change my dash lights to green from red.

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Great info - pics were most helpful. My new Kenwood is alive !

Check out Western Canada Kappa Club on Facebook !

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Another satisfied customer. Thanks a bunch. Without these instructions it would have taken me many more hours to install my head unit.
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Everything here sound great,I will be installing a Pioneer AVIC X140Bt ,GEX 920XM tuner and a ND-TMC10 traffic tuner as well as the Pyle PLCM18BC back up camera and Axxess ASWC steering wheel control.My only fear here is breaking plastic dash and finding room for all the items to install.
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I noticed you just posted in a thread that i have open with installing a x8500BHS. This is a better location than my thread for this kind of info.

Question 1:: Is there enough room for all the wires?
Answer 1: Yes, the area to the bottom left of this picture has a LOT of room. I used some wide velcro strips and just pushed it above the shiny thick metal bar. There is a lot of room.
- You may find it easier for pulling wires from the glove box (you have to drop it down by pushing the two side latches and disconnecting the drop stop wire). This is easy you will figure it out. Having a skinny girl makes this a lot ease and fun! I would also suggest some 120-240 grit sand paper to smooth out the sharp edges from the plastic housing that surrounds the factory wire harness.

Not shown in this picture is another access hole just above the location of the factory harness wires that you can get a hand into an pull the wires up.

WARNING: smooth off the edges if you have big hands, scaped my all up.
Also tape those wires up! for protection!

Question 2: Do i need a factory face?
Answer 2: Yes, the pioneer units are not a 1 for 1 match for the bezel of the solstice so you need an adapter to fill the extra space and to hold the radio in place. I purchased mine from Cruchfield as it was free with a radio purchase ~$10 USD if a separate purchase. It did need some slight modification (cut a tab and remove an alignment pin) this is documented in the in the other pioneer threat that's a sticky. Tin snips worked wanders. If you look at the top of any of the per-install radio picts you will see where the tab is cut off. This is invisible after the install.

General Motors In-dash Receiver Kit
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Yes all good info there,I like the part of using the skinny girl .I have read in some places that you can eliminate the in dash receiver kit and get a closer fit so as to not hold out the plastic bezel .That is why I asked that.
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Removing Solstice Radio

Thanks, your description is superb, and it worked great for me.
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Boomerang won't sit flush

Well, second time taking my dash apart because when I installed my stereo I had to wait to get the GPS add-on for it. The first time I had the same problem, I can't get the dang boomerang to sit flush on the top right of the stereo! I've tried everything, including putting the pins back in a different order like OP said he did, but nothing. Last time a buddy walked by and just popped it back in like magic, but he says he doesn't remember how he did it. It feels like it's getting hung up by the heater controls or something. I've tried literally everything.

If anyone can throw out some tips I'd greatly appreciate it.

The only thing I can think is how much of a pain it is to get the wires behind the plastic piece behind the radio, maybe I didn't get them back far enough? I was thinking about taking a dremel to the little wall behind the radio to kinda open up some space but I dont want to risk cutting the wires open and ruining everything.

Thanks guys.
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