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  • Alannn ·
    Carpe Diem,

    I forwarded you the message again from my sent items list.

    In case you don't get it, I said I wanted to know your more specific location to see if my grandaughter there could pick up the intercooler. Otherwise I could drive up from San Diego County, either tomorrow, or next weekend. 760-586-3172

    Slik ·
    thanks for the info carpe..well thats a bummer on the high flow cat is it only on solo's that they would have to make room for it? i dont think ima change my cat either way but just askin. have you ran your car in a 1/4 or 1/8 with the bsr & magnaflow? im just looking for more punch in my sol since its stock and i like the fact that the bsr lets me detune for warranty reasons lol thanks for your time carpe
    Carpe Diem ·
    I haven't had it on a dyno since I installed the Magnaflow catback, but it does seem to have a bit more punch than before. It could be just my imagination. It definitely does sound better and there is no drone, top down or top up. I have no issues with the BSR tune. I did have to have a cat converter replaced at about 20Kmiles, which was done under warranty. I can't say that the BSR tune was a cause or a related issue with that, but no troubles or codes since.

    I recently bought a Solo high-flow cat and was going to have it to replace the stock OEM cat. But when I learned that to get it off the car, they'd have to pull the turbo off to make room, I am second guessing my decision. I have to have the car smogged in 2014, and would have to replace the high-flow with the OEM cat to pass. I don't feel confident in pulling the turbo myself, and I have one quote at about $500. I'm thinking it's not worth the $1500 in labor to change, and change again twice more.
    Slik ·
    hi carpe! i noticed ur sig and was wondering if you felt a difference between having the bsr tune then installing the maganflow, would it affect the tune whatsoever? ive read that installing an exhaust wont really affect it but i just wanna know for sure =)
    Carpe Diem ·
    Hi Rebekkah -

    Probably not me. I contacted Windrestrictor in early 2007 at a time when your company was having some difficulties, I believe, with illness or other family difficulties, and responses to message were not very prompt. I finally bought a Windrestrictor, not embossed, but just a plain one. I can't remember if I bought it from your company or from Kappaspere.

    If someone ordered one with "Carpe Diem" embossed on it, it was someone else, not me. I have had that handle on both the Solstice and Sky forums since 2007.
    Windrestrictor! ·
    Hello Carpe Diem! Rebekkah here with windrestrictor.com please forgive me if I am confused but I remember your handle on one of Roberts very first windrestrictors for the pontiac solstice? was this you ? If not so sorry for confustion. its late probably too late for me to be writing, but I dont get on here very often, please let me know just curious,
    Rebekkah Pennington
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