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  • rob the elder ·
    Read your message.
    Sorry. LOL.
    Your post either meets the forum rules or it does not.

    Not sure where the grandmother and niece came from but I would not have a problem with your comment meeting that criteria.

    If you think John is going to be a problem, we need to get MomSol involved. We are here to keep the forum from being swamped by spammers and not the morality police. :)
    ChopTop · ·
    Rob, I might have overreacted. Come to find out it wasn't even my comment, I quoted Ghosts comment in my reply to him, and that contained something John said was complained about. I've already talked to MS. I just don't think John likes me based on comments he's made towards me in some of my threads. So just drop it, and hopefully I'm wrong. Later, Dan
    WickedMike ·
    Must be that Tom is no longer at the location you suggested. Thanks for sending information my way. If you can think of anywhere else for the weatherstrip, I’d appreciate it. Mike
    WickedMike ·
    LaFontaine car show was great. They took care of us and moved us up close to the dealership, we have been out close to 59 the last few years. So we were back where we were the last time you attended. They had table and chair set up inside for us to stay cool. Yes it was warm out on the pavement but easy to get cooled down. Only two coupes showed, Jim and I with our red coupes. The Thursday Woodward Cruise is set for the 15th starting at Cranbrook. There is information on our website or Facebook page.
    DEP ·
    No, it’s a basic Solstice, automatic. I’m so sorry I still can’t seems to drag any photos to the box and attach them. I can’t get to,my photos to drag any of them. The car is perfect like brand new leather, 20 inch chrome factory wheels, Goodyear eagle gt, mirror black... flawless finish, tan interior always kept inside and never driven in puddle, rain or wet streets. I just don’t need it anymore and don’t ever get it out. Heck, if someone was interested I don’t even know how,to proceed to get it to some unless it’s shipped. You can sure feel free to text me and I’ll honestly get back to ya with photos. 314-308-2828
    4501 Safari ·

    Thanks for the "like" in the "Dead of Winter..." thread. After it went to a discussion of Bob's car and the mirrors' back story I figured the thread was over. Read all that on the Sky site. Nice to see it's back to more folks posting photos of their cars. Some of the photography is really very nice.

    Working on a post about Bob Lutz's birthday Tuesday. I am surprised at not reading any interest in asking him to the National meet in NY. I don't know if I can go. His attendance would make it a have to for me. Time is ticking faster every month/day it seems.

    Thanks again, Richard and the cat car care crew.
    WickedMike ·
    First thing is your not old! I know you have been attending the mkc Woodward cruise event. That is the only event I haven't attended in the past three or four years. I can't handle the crazy traffic down there and stopped attending. I've been carrying around a coupe decal with your car # for years now. Steve Mears (Solnut) made them for me, now years ago. I had him print up all the coupe numbers that were members of mkc, at the time. I have been hoping to run into you one day. Just hasn't happened. Why not join in one of our driving events? Anyway hope to see you someday.
    WickedMike ·
    Hey Dan: Why not attend our LaFontaine Kappa Car Show this Saturday Aug 4, 2018. I know you attended years ago. Were we mean to you? We would love to see you at more of our events.
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