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  • craigb ·
    If you still have pictures of your front license mod, I would very much like to get access to them.

    baconbits ·
    Hey Paul how are you doing..we were down for the Wisc Dells run in September it rained 10 inches in N Wisc on the way down .. crazy night drive on the Interstate.. fun run I don't know if you've gone before pretty twisty though not near the roads in Amish country.
    I don't know if your a member of the Kappa Performance board, there is a guy (Dark Tech) looking for someone in the Chicago area to look at a car for him. He use to own a GXP but sold it earlier this year. Let him know if you have the time to look at it for him, if its not too much of a bother.most of the guys on that site are from the central east coast and I don't know of any other members in the Chicago
    here is the link..

    WTB: Looking for another Solstice GXP - 5 spd, Black >15k

    thanks Gilbert
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