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  • red dog ·
    Mike are you going to nationals? Dog tale and us are leaving Tues. 14th. We are looking to see if we could setup a caravan. We would like to stay off the interstates as much as we can. If interested let one of us know. Hope all is well with you. I had my knees replaced right after Thanksgiving. Doing great. It's hell getting old.
    scherry1 ·
    2712 creekridge dr. green cove springs florida, 32043 is where it would be shipped. Name:Scott Cherry i can buy a brand new one from gmpartsdirect for $144 plus shipping. I came on here hoping to find one cheaper and to help someone out such as urself get rid of something lying around not being used. so come up with a price and let me know.
    SlyGuy ·
    You have the roads for a regional but you are pulling 16 people. Please think and reconsider before this dies. KYGXP is a proven organizer. Did SEM and 2011. Both now considered among the best events. She can organize this. I can translate your roads into maps that give RC's tools never dreamed before.

    Pool the resources that can make this work and dump the trash that is holding this down, Chili.

    What made T2TR great was Mark, Gang Warfare Girl and You. It flew apart when you allowed Chili in the door. The standards regarding the roads, RC standards and events degraded.

    I don't give a damn if you hate me for the rest of your life. Don't care. I care about what you built which will live beyond you if done right. Let people help. People that care about the roads, the runs and you. This can be the premier event. You just need the right team.
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