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  • 4501 Safari ·

    Richard Snipes, PART TWO:

    All that said, I will appreciate it if you add me to the list for a passenger side flap and related parts. This may cinch the hardtop purchase.

    Thank you for reading this. I hope your year and summer has gone well. Please feel free to email, text or call. I appreciate you.

    [email protected] and 904-534-3619 (cell only now)
    4501 Safari ·


    Richard Snipes with Another two part message...PART ONE:

    I got the GXP back from the body shop last Monday and am dealing with stuff that got messed up unrelated to the repairs. Driver's door handle's broken...I can fix that. Driver's door is slightly hitting on the bottom where the quarter panel (uniside) was replaced and it feels like the latch is out of adjustment as well as the door glass rubs the top on closing the door. While having the top lowered to adjust the top I found the passenger side tulip flap buggered up. Where the clip snaps into the flap on the inside with the cable that support is almost gone and damned if I ever remember a spring being there.

    Stand by for PART TWO, please.
    reblacklaf ·
    Hi, I'm looking for a different spoiler for my GXP. I would like a bumper mount rather. If you know of any could you direct me to them. Also, do they mount in the same place as the factory one and if not is there much work involved in taking the factory one off?

    Randall Black
    syjos ·
    I'm looking at buying a salvage title 2007 black natural Solstice with GXP front end to buy and part out. It has been rebuilt and has no visible body damage.
    It is black with 60,000 miles.
    He is down to $3,500 and I'll try to get him down to 2,500 to 3,000

    I understand you have parted out Sols.

    Any advice on parting out?

    How much do you think I might make in parting out the whole car and crushing the remains?


    Gig Harbor, WA
    4501 Safari ·
    Part two...maybe this is NOT a PM but a "visitor message" whatever that means...
    As no good mod goes unpunished my installing the DDM shift adapter, boot and expensive wood Pontiac shift knob cause all kinds of NVH problems with shifting. I went back to the stock shifter and all went away. It appears the stock shifter is designed to dampen out the problems.

    I want to experiment with modifying the stock shifter to accept a conventional knob and do not want to destroy the one in the car. If you have an intact Solstice manual shifter I'm interested in buying one depending upon price. The boot does not have to be nice, or the knob, but the shaft must be intact and not buggered up. I will remove the boot and attempt to remove the knob without harming the shaft and its internal damping mechanism.

    If you have or run across such, please let me know. This is not a big rush and my idea may not work.

    Richard Snipes
    4501 Safari ·


    Since I am NOW getting a message that communications is limited to 1000 characters (what BS!) I will send this is two parts. I appreciate your patience and a reply.

    Wanted to let you know the horn bracket worked perfectly. As far as I can hear, adding the second horn did nothing for the volume or tone of horn sound. Pretty anemic at best. I'm looking at my Fleetwood Brougham horn set of four A, C, D and F considering if that will work for two of them if there is room, hmmm...

    (continued in part two)

    Thanks and have a good weekend.

    Richard Snipes
    Hoosier GXP ·
    The center console on the coupe is totally different then the one on the convertible. I doubt they made a cup holder in the coupe . Your best bet may be to buy the one DDM makes for the console in front of the shifter that has the cup holder. If I get a good side cup holder from the 2 cars I am parting out I will take $75 plus shipping for it.

    Solstice/Sky Center Console with cup holders by DDMWorks
    markberg ·
    Thanks for the 09 Coupe. I love driving it. Now can I replace the center console so I can have the slide out cup holders? Also replace the broken passenger pop out cup holder.
    tallcraig ·
    I know it's an awkward part to ship but could you provide a shipping cost to 55605 MN that would include a tracking #. Also, do you use PayPal?
    markberg ·
    I need information. Found a new"Custom WERKSracing LE5 Kappa Stage 2 RTR Turbo kit in stock ready to ship! " I wonder it is was compatible with the 2.4 L in the 2009 coupe. There has may 3 digit listed for the 2,4 NA.
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