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  • GrandpaSolstice ·
    Sounds good to me. If I get to town early enough to get a good rest, you may just see Grandpa's Solstice towing her little black trailer on the run on Sunday morning. If not, you can still count on seeing us at lunch and we'll definitely head down to Pontiac afterwards.
    ihawk95 ·
    You are correct, that is the plan for the weekend. So I'll throw it out there and see if there is interest in going back down on Sunday and let you know. And if there is not, it won't be out of my way to head back down there with you after lunch! How's that sound?
    GrandpaSolstice ·

    1. You ask on the board if there is interest in return to Museums on Sunday after lunch. If there is significant interest (10+ cars?) you follow up with the museum director, etc.

    2. You just let people know on the board that some will be going to the museums on Sunday after lunch and that all are welcome.

    3. I just quietly head south after lunch. Your call.
    GrandpaSolstice ·
    I think maybe I understand your plan now. The map you've shown for the Starved Rock Run from Oglesby to Pontiac via Wilmington is for Saturday's run, right? On Sunday you are planning on ending the planned events with lunch in Minooka at 11:00. If that is correct, I will just figure on heading down I-55 to Pontiac for an afternoon at the museums after lunch with the group. If there are others who either missed the museums on Saturday or who want more time there, they would be welcome to come along. If there is enough interest that you could set things up with the powers that be in Pontiac for the same type of perks on Sunday as you have for Saturday, that would be super. (Don't ever want to miss out on a goody bag.) Tours, admissions, etc. In other words, it can be as formal or as informal as you want it.
    ihawk95 ·
    Hey Tom,

    My newsletter is no big deal. I just email silly stuff to keep it funny, kinda recap local events quick and then go through regional future events. At the end I do fake For Sale/Want Ads. My email address is ihawk95 at good ol yahoo or gmail. Either will work. I send the newsletter out from yahoo. Send me a message and I'll forward you my last newsletter.
    ihawk95 ·
    Hey Grandpa - I can post that and offer it up to the troops for Sunday! That sounds great. Did you see the lunch spot and time for Sunday? 11:00 am at Giordano's in Minooka if you want to make that.

    There are 2 ways you can do the museum, the short walk through would take you 20 minutes. Or you can really check stuff out and that would take you an hour or better. I went through twice about 20 minutes each time thinking I'll have time to check it out this weekend and next.
    TomShadow ·

    I stumbled across your "Central Illinois Newsletter" thread today and was curious if you could send me a copy.
    I have been pondering the past few months on how I could contribute somehow to the MKC here in Michigan. Due to a job in retail, I can not get out to organize a run or even participate in Saturday events (unless I take an unpaid day off). So I thought of maybe making a monthly/bi-monthly/whatever newsletter. I thought that it could contain future run info, contact info for club members, and maybe a bio or two of our members which might include how they came to buy a Kappa and how they use it, etc.
    It might be helpful if I could check yours out and see how yours is laid out, and maybe incorporate some of your ideas (with your permission of course).

    BTW, I did take Saturday the 6th off so I could join you at the Pontiac/Route event. Can't wait until next week!


    Tom Elbode
    [email protected]
    GrandpaSolstice ·
    There will be 200+ of my relatives at the reunion in Michigan on Saturday the 6th. Chances are that I won't be able to get away until after 6. Google shows a 7 hour drive to Peru. That puts me in bed there about midnight Saturday night.

    I 'd really like to see the museum in Pontiac and of course meet with the group. I'm thinking I could spend some time driving to Pontiac on my way to Michigan on Friday to get familiar with the route. Then I could volunteer to lead a group from Peru to Pontiac on Sunday morning. That would lighten the load on the run leaders a bit. The museum opens at 10 am. We could plan to arrive at opening and leave in time to get up to lunch at 1:00 pm. Or we could just add another visit to the museum after lunch for those who didn't make it on Saturday. I'm posting here so I don't muddy the water on the board for you. I can always just do my own thing on Sunday to get to the museum, but Diane and I do plan on seeing you all for lunch on Sunday regardless.
    timlange3 ·
    Hi, saw your list for the museum run, I believe you have me on the list twice. My login name is 'timlange3' and my handle is 'WanderingSol'. There will be two people attending though, but just one car.
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