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  • jeffgtx ·
    you need teh harness from amp and sub to speakers and radio. if you look at my diagram you can see what the connectors are all for. it is not one in and one out. also you need the connections to XM and onstar. he basically needs to give you the harness with the two radio connectors, amp connector and sub connector intact, and as much of the speaker and xm/onstar wiring as possible. then you need to blend them together in the car. you will have your old harness and new harness in there at the same time. you cant pull one out and put the other one in because there are wires that go other places.
    SK8RN8 ·
    Jeff....i'm hoping you can help me thru this final issue. Just found a dude on the forum who has an entire monsoon wiring harness in his car. He will take out everything i need, but he's not sure what i need either. Would i be correct in assuming that what is needed would be wiring from amp and sub thru center counsel into radio....and wiring from radio into dash harness??? I know the monsoon radio has two multiple pinned jacks in the rear. Is one in and one out? If you could just give me a read on how much of the harness i need that would help. Thanx n8
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