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  • Blue07 ·
    I hope you are still active here, I am planing to buy a f430 bumper from Norm and in looking at your thread all the pictures are gone because photobucket canceled them all. I guess you still have them on your hard drive and I am hoping you would repost the thread or message me with them. I would really love to see how you modified the piece and all that is lost now.
    Thanks William
    Spartan ·

    You provided a counteroffer on E-bay to me of $500. I propose $400 shipped to 22044 after the e-bay auction concludes. 571-263-9491.
    [email protected] ·
    Hey there,

    Long time since we chatted last, but if you need some stock hinges, give us a call at 864-438-4949, we have a bunch of them here and just pay for shipping and they are yours.

    Mr. T ·
    Hi madmods, im interested on your front bumper and fenders, please send me a PM with your price, thanks I appreciate your time. Mr. T
    wantone ·
    Hello Madmods
    I am very much interested in your 1. headlights 2. taillights 3. carbonfiber driveshaft 4. front fenders. Whatever I can get, the money is waiting. Thanks Wantone
    rufinito ·
    Hi Madmods, I am very interested in your

    1.- custom seats
    2.- custom headlights
    3.- CF driveshaft.
    4.- Sound system setup without the
    5.- Rear bumper

    Please let me know how much they are, I would pay by paypal. Thanks... Nahim
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