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  • syjos ·
    We still have spots open for ordering rollbars from RPM Rollbars. We have to have a minimum of 3 rollbars to get the 20% off. We were planning to order the rollbars in the coming week so your timing is great.
    We have three people so far
    Have you looked at rpmrollbars.com or talked to Rob Mathis the owner?
    Do you know what you are ordering - 4 point or 6 point - mild steel or chromoly - color
    Free shipping on the chromoly and around $200 shipping for mild steel.
    Once everybody is ready to order, I will give Rob the names of buyers.
    When he is ready to take orders, I will let you know and you can call Rob and give him your order and pay him via check, credit card.
    He will build the rollbar and ship it directly to you. Where do you live?
    I live in Washington State so I will drive down to Portland to pick it up.
    When you are ready to order, email me at [email protected] or call me at 253 884 1103.
    PDXER ·
    Sorry markberg, I am not a very good forum person.
    I live in central Illinois. If you still want Rollbar, can send pick. No way to get one in without cutting up the interior a bit though. Also depends on rules of Track or Club you run with how it has to be built. We built ours per SCCA time trial rules and that has been acceptable with the groups we track with.
    If you still want info, let me know. I will try to check back on the forum.
    yosemitemike ·
    Convertible? I never even considered one before but they're really fun. The Sun can get really bright so I would suggest a hat to shade your eyes. One with a chin strap is good because they tend to blow off my head in the wind. I also keep stick sunscreen in the car but I'm prone to sunburn.
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