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  • Sting Ya ·
    Just want to say thanks again for all your help with the decals they are mailing them out today .If I can ever help you out with something let me know .
    sirmeili ·
    Just wanted to say that your avatar makes me think of a cool solstice bat mobile. And I'm not saying that as a bad thing. :)
    RedDevil ·
    I bought it from Auto Zone. Only problem is that you will need a much larger rubber coupler to clamp between the air box and chrome tubing. I found a 3 inch wide one on ebay.
    The Shadow ·
    I was going through some old posts looking for info on air intakes and found yours from a few years ago. You describe some changes to the stock air box and showed some pics of some nice chrome tubing. I would like to know where you got that tubing from?
    Thanks, Don, 08 GXP
    RedDevil ·
    Yes, you are correct about the 19s. Tire size is a little bit odd as many places will tell you. Do you like all black wheels? I have my eyes on 2 styles that are 20x8.5 made by Enkie. I can send you a link to them if you like. I will be buying one set of them soon. Just can't decide. They have the 40mm offset too.
    tincharriot ·
    Looking for 20's, not staggered, somewhere along the lines of 8.5 or 9 width.
    19's i tend to notice the popularity and variety of tires available isnt as much as the 20's have to offer.
    tincharriot ·
    Thank you very much, you've been a great help.
    My car is also lowered with the Eibach springs and im looking for the flush appearance.
    tincharriot ·
    Hello Red.
    Im in the market for new tires and noticed your running 20"s, I was wondering what sizes your rims and tires are and offsets?
    aday63 ·
    Question for ya Red. When you replaced the stock intake hose and what not, did it change it make a noise change like an aftermarket CAI? I'm considering attempting that change, was it a pretty easy install?
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