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  • Rickster ·
    My rear trunk hatch takes about 5-7 seconds for it to pop open when I compress the remote key. Does anyone else have this same delayed response ?
    HarleypsychRN ·
    Hey Ricky,
    We're in Bel Air and have been interested in doing some Solstice related stuff for a while. I see you're quite active in the forum. We have a 07' GXP and might be interested in doing some things with a group. You can message me here or better yet at [email protected]
    Rickster ·
    My left Rear Buttress does not come up when either pressing the remote control or button inside the glove compartment. Any ideas on what the problem is ?
    DaveOC ·
    It didn't work for me either. Send a private message to either momssol or rob the elder, they may be able to help you.

    BTW, I am in Wisconsin.
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