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  • phil1734 ·
    Rob -

    Do you still have any of the convertible top tabs? My top started pinching so I lubed it up but I have no tabs. The screws aren't loose or anything so I'm assuming I never had them to begin with.

    If you're still keeping track, I have an early build 07 GXP with the headliner.


    Mitch's Toy ·
    I'm hoping you can help me with this and let me know if possible. I have a 2007 BASE Solstice that I have a list mod visions I'd like to do to my car in the future. Most have been discussed in the forums I've been reading. I'd like to know if it's possible to convert this manual soft top into a power push button top. I love my car and only have 2 things I'm not happy with, the manual top and looking to do a V8 conversion for the power.

    Look forward to hearing from you

    Mitch Porvin
    Mitch's Toy
    Rosscoe ·
    quick question, You had mentioned that the fender wells were going to be picked up at the Nationals. Where is that? I am unfamiliar. If you have some info I would appreciate it.
    WickedMike ·
    Rob: I got letter from you today and assume it was about the Denver meet. I opened it and there was nothing inside (0). Was this just a test? Mike
    WickedMike ·
    Rob: Can you delete the following coupe registry posts? 7/3/2017 (sticky), 9/ /2019 and 10/11/2017. I just updated the most recent today. I don't think being a sticky helps and many get on the older posts. Thanks. Mike. Cya in June! The good post is dated 11/27/2017.
    Capngrommet ·
    Hi there, i'm new around here. just wondering if there's anything else i have to do in order to get my account activated. Can't wait to get posting :)
    GoingSolo2 ·
    Hey Buddy,

    Jeff (owner of Solo Performance) asks if one of the moderators can please contact him at 905-703-1557 or email him at [email protected]

    We would really appreciate that. Thanks so much!

    Solo Performance Sales and Customer Service
    WickedMike ·
    Rob: Back in 2015 you made my coupe registry a sticky to try to help me out. It has now created a problem because newbies are opening the old sticky instead of searching for my most current coupe registry post. I've been copy and pasting onto a new post every other month since I can only edit a post for 30 days. Can you somehow remove that sticky??? Thanks Mike.
    larryrice ·
    Thanks for your reply. The I/P lights work properly at night, but I have difficulty seeing the speedometer in the daylight without the backlight. As I understand it, this is a common problem. If I had the GM service bulletin on this, I could have the dealer correct the problem. I hope I can get a solution to this problem, otherwise, I may pass on this deal.
    Larry Rice
    rob the elder ·
    You can post pictures to a different site and link them to your post here
    Or you can become a member and with your paid membership you can post pictures directly into your posts
    or you can email your pictures to one of us and we will post it for you. I will. DaveOC has done so in the past.

    Good luck
    RobertAshby ·
    All the steam vents t together and then go into overflow bottle. The latest is Dave wants me to change water pump ! Lol
    I'm fighting severe depression, anxiety and not been the best company lately. Sorry about slow response.
    AztekzRpurty ·
    Hey Rob.

    I hang out at solstice-forum.com these days. The forum Rodeo created years ago. It's mostly my buds from the texas area, and a few crazy canadians. Don't have any problems with the "big" forum, just kinda taking it easy and hanging with the people I know best.
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