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  • Rusty Boltz ·
    Hey, Rob. I'm trying to upload a new signature picture. A pop-up tells me the size is way too large, but it's the same picture I just uploaded to Skyroadster, which has the same size restrictions. What's up with that?
    mark62933 ·
    I am trying to upgrade my membership and the only option it gives me is to pay with PayPal. Is there another option to pay for membership?
    gary1 ·
    Hi,still no clips checked paypal and they paided Oct 4 ,can you see if mine were shipped thanks again
    Buddy ·
    I have a 2007 RL sky and top is pinching like that. Will these help me and how can i pay you to send them?
    Windancer ·

    I might be interested in the product you describe. I have a 2008 Sky and was just wondering if I needed these clips. I have no problem at the moment but because they are out of production should I keep a set for the future? If I should need them how much would they be? I'm assuming they would fit into an envelope and could be mailed by the USPS to me in Canada.

    don knowles ·
    Rob, I was driving down the road the other day and saw a GXP Fastback. I had forgotten how striking they look. Are there any for sale on the Forum very often? I am paging and searching through it now but thought I'd ask. Thanks. Don Knowles. [email protected]
    OverIt ·
    Rob the Elder,

    If you don't mind reviewing this, since you seem More Qualified than any of the mechanics!:
    (2007 GXP 7,700 miles)

    June 2007 , 1549 miles:
    fluid leak on garage floor - dealer installed rear differential hose and vent

    August 2007, 1884 miles:
    Whining noise on accelerate - dealer found nothing

    October 2008, 4452 miles:

    Same noises in front end and accelerate noise - dealer replaced drive axle pinion seal leak

    caliper assembly front left R&R

    July 2009, 6484 miles:

    complained about noise when turning into drive or parking - dealer found nothing?

    December 2013, 7731 miles:
    Grinding noise when turning sharp, and a vibration
    Check engine light came on after driving 5 miles -
    *Dealer said it was out of warranty and found nothing???........

    7,773 miles
    same noises -
    Suggested to change the differential fluid, if does not take care of noise, then he would replace the right and left clutch packs, $1,423.00
    Amazing1 ·
    Rob it looks like the decision has been made to sell my Solstice to CarMax because my wife will no longer put up with the transmission suddenly shifting down at low speeds. I understand replacing one of the Solenoids might be a solution, but since there is now a gorgeous Corvette convertible in my garage and the Solstice has been literally kicked to the curb, I don't feel like there is much else to do. Anyway, a quick question so my drive to CarMax and their test drive goes well before they make me an offer. Can I reasonably expect that if I disconnect the positive battery cable for 30-45 minutes before I drive there that the car will perform as expected without the downshift rearing its ugly head? I don't really want to replace the solenoid at this point since I am not really that mechanically inclined and I am just selling the car to them anyway. I'll look for your reply, and I thank you so much for all your advice that I have read in the short time that I have owned my Solstice.
    Burkyy ·
    Rob, in your recent post to a new user.. you posted a 500 page story on what to do with a new solstice.. Would you mind if I copied this into another thread, or even do it yourself? I found it extremely useful even after have my gxp for awhile. Very informative post.
    Sting Ya ·
    Rob : Thanks for the offer on the emblem and the heads up on the DDM catch can I'm going to try and strip the chrome off the factory one first and I'm waiting to hear back from Skip on the catch can
    Wendell Young ·
    Hey Rob. As a recent oener of an awesome GX, I am interested on the mods you have done on Punisher. I wonder if you could summarize them. As a Colo owner, I expect we will be crossing paths eventually.
    GrumpyLDO ·
    Thanks for the info about the shifter. I like JPM work, but not a fan about the shifter knobs they have. From everything I can tell I would need 3 items for a total change, boot-shifter assembly-shifter know. Do you know of a place to order just the assembly?
    BTW, thanks for all your insight and knowledge. I have gained a lot of great information from your posts as I peruse the entire length of interior mods throughout the forum.
    GrumpyLDO ·
    Morning, I know you changed your shifter out a few years back, but was it as simple as it seems? Unclip the ring and unscrew the old knob, add the new shifter and bag, then replace the ring? Everything I've seen other places make it seem way harder than that.
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