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  • medjohn ·
    I hate to admit to the rest of the forum but, I don't know how to post a picture. Would you please help me with that?

    Thanks, medjohn
    TX08manualGXP ·
    Thanks for the keychain Rob.

    Charlie Harris
    13907 Ivymount Dr.
    Sugar Land, TX 77498

    Hey, I visited your Punisher site and am a big fan of the movies. I like the one with Dolf the best. so what's the deal behind it? I could not access the info page. sounds interesting.
    rob the elder ·
    I clean mine when they show visible dirt. I never needed to clean my CAI filter in the three years it was on the car.

    I am assuming you have a reusable oiled filter. If so, then wash it with mild soap,rinse to get the soap out and lightly oil again. Too much oil will contaminate the MAF sensor
    Dstraycat ·
    Rob, how often do I need to clean the air filter and orange cover of the GMPP cold air intake? And what is the best method. Finding various recommendations and nothing from GM.

    cooper1340s ·

    Where is Punisher now? Is it home yet? Dave tells me that they are coming to Orlando on 30 Sep and they will bring my car with them. I am hoping that this time they will finally make it.
    eskanday ·
    i am considering doing V8 conversion later this year. I know from your posts that your car is almost ready and you did it at DDm works. is it brand new engine and transmission? how much are they charging you for the conversion? is the OEM AC and the cruise suppose to work? I will be checking with you about your impression and how satisfied you are with their work. I looked at Wade, they seem to do a good job but i do not like the way the muffler sound. It sounds like old Cobra and i do not want that. they may be able to use different exhaust.
    hope u enjoy it
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