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  • sjw ·
    It is a Ford 9in IRS kit from DSS. It is a basic universal kit that needs fitted. Dave initially tried doing the fabrication on the car. It didnt turn out like he wanted so he pulled it and started over. He spent a bunch of time and built a jig so fabrication will be much easier from here on out. Give him a call and he will be able to help you out.

    - Shawn
    RobertAshby ·
    Thank You, I've also had an $80k swing in my life the wrong way since starting this project. Hoping it since down soon. Seemed such a no brainer to do the conversion but probably should have went with DDM , wouldn't have had these types of problems.
    Enjoy that car !
    RMarion ·
    Robert, just wanted you to know that I have great empathy for your situation with your conversion. I'm 65 as well and have been through a divorce much like you. I love my Solstice. I sold my 2002 Camaro SS after I bought the Solstice. While I loved the SS power (LS1) and M six speed and the handling I enjoy the open motoring provided by the Solstice. I'm an old British car guy and this is the closest to that experience. Keep the faith and keep us informed on your car. Best wishes.
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