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  • Bama ·
    Thanks for speaking up. We seem to have things in common. My Solstice came to me as if it was meant to happen. I actually tried to find ways to talk myself out of buying it, but The Big Guy decided I was supposed to have it. I've thanked him ever since. I love driving this car. I was in hopes I'd found a place to share my experiences with it with other like-minded people.

    But some people here seem to believe it's their duty to ride herd over who can post - and what they can post - then twist it into something the original post never even said. It really makes one wonder what it is that triggers them into a rant of pretzeled logic.

    Anyway, thanks! And be careful up there! But above all - have fun driving your coupe. It's special even among special cars.

    SolCoupe171 ·
    Well, my dream has come true. Purchased coupe # 171 11/18/2017 and I couldn't be happier. I never thought I would be able to have a coupe, but this was meant to be. I had purchased my 1st Solstice -2007 base Sly - back in 2012 and have enjoyed it until I found 171 on Autotrader. I would search for coupes every now and then but they were usually asking too much and were too far away. Then something told me to search back in October and there it was - the color I wanted - Deep, a low asking price, and only 3 miles from my home. After working with the dealer and having to trade my 07 Sly in - 171 Deep was mine.

    I have to apologize for not joining the forum when I bought 07 Sly, I am not very social media literate. The forum has been very helpful in fixing my 07 when something broke or for finding advise on how to work my way around the car. I would like to thank all of the other members of this forum for their past help and I look forward to chatting with all of you in the future.
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