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  • Senatorius ·
    Hi there, not sure i will be needing the gauges if i'm going N/A.
    Probably looking around 200 for both gauges and pod.
    Not ready to sell yet but if you are interested i will keep you posted when times comes.
    JohnWR ·
    The top is still hanging in the garage unmodified. I had a couple of other projects get in front of it, and haven't yet taken a deep breath and sawed the base off of the top. There is an area that I am concerned about, and really need to take the runk lid off of the car to see how it is going to work.
    The09GXP ·
    Not really looking to trade the foose wheels anymore since i'm looking to get 18x8 Enkei PF01 wheels for my car.

    Thanks for the interest in them though!

    Posted this here because your in box was full.
    L-N-F'n ·

    I contacted the guy, He told me they would fit a stock height Solstice. He wanted me to send him money, and then he would send me the rims. I told him I would only buy them if I could drive over to his house, and try them on my car to verify they would fit. I got all packed up and ready to leave the next day, and the guy did not answer his phone. He returned my call a week later, and said that they were three piece rims, and that I "may need to replace the inner barrel, to make them fit". I would not wast your time with this guy.
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