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  • easyryderca ·
    Im attending the national rally.that message you sent me a while back put the bug in my head to go.Thanks .Hope to see you there. Drive safe .
    Ricardo ·
    I am interested in two roadster hats, one black with red trim, one red with black trim.
    please let me know cost and where to send check.

    Rick Heroux
    317 694 1815
    kdefranco ·
    I am trying to get a hold of the person who was selling the hats. I have tried to send you message but not sure if it was received. I apologize for sending another message but I would really like to get my husband one of these hats for Christmas if you have any extras. I am a real novice with this website so could you send me a message to my email in regards to this [email protected] Thank you.
    Kathleen DeFranco
    Sun Chaser ·
    That really good of you to do that!
    If you do those tail light decals does that mean you also do the logo decals? The decals that are pieces of the body color to cover up the red color in the Sky badges? Can't remember exactly how many there are but I thought I saw somewhere that they were being sold in little decal kits that covered the red in all the logo badges on the Sky.
    Sun Chaser ·
    Thanks Steve!
    Hard to judge what the response would be with there being fewer SKYs and fewer people on the SKY forum. Hopefully SKY owners will see it on both forums.
    Let me know if you do other stuff as well as the caps.
    Thanks again,
    Northern Sol ·
    That is great news. I had a feeling that you did this sort of stuff. I will give ASAP a couple of days to respond and if they don't then I will be back to you. I suspect that once we post some pics on the forum of it installed quite a few GMPP tune people will want to buy one.
    p38spud ·
    Hi Steve,
    Name is Dan Hunt, we live in Rathdrum.
    We bought the last Solstice in Spokane, last Jan. 2008 GXP, deep. Have been looking for someone else around that is into it! Not alot of these around here!

    look forward to chatting with you!
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