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  • Yogi ·
    Hello, Ghost -
    You mentioned that you don't trust Gay Family Auto, where my Sky Redline is being repaired. Can you please give me more info?
    larryrice ·
    Thank you for your reply. Your description sounds just like my issue. Bottom line-the noise is normal for a modified engine. The only other issue I nave is with the lack of instrument lamps in daylight. I am trying to get the GM service bulletin so the dealer will know how to fix it. Since I am buying the car from him, I will insist that he fixes it. Oh, and another thing-man, it is fast!
    Larry Rice
    solman84 ·
    Hey Ghost, I have found a kinda local speed shop that can tune and dyno my car. I called them to ask a couple questions, and sense your knowledge on this topic far exceeds mine I was wanting to pick your brain. He says they use The HP tunners, it cost about $400 and to retune after other modes it would be around $100. He also said he hasnt done my Solstice but has done some. whats your thoughts on the HP tune? Also with the lack of experience on our cars would that be a concern for you?
    Thanks Again!!!
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