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  • Alannn ·
    ENKEI RACING PF01 is similar weight, not as good looking, but oh so much cheaper. Let me know if you manage to do better than $2400 on the VS02's.

    Alannn ·
    Here's some info from the internet I found on VS Forged Wheels from a guy named John Morgan on a Lexus forum:

    "Monoblock forgings aren't exactly cheap. By basically using a 3 piece inner barrel which doesn't cost much to produce (especially overseas) with something half the width of a traditional monoblock forging; it becomes significantly cheaper to just weld the inner half to the outer half than actually do a proper mono block. Because of that weld these will never be as strong as a true mono BUT, because of where it's welded it's a something of a non issue since the center of the barrel doesn't see much stress. They're absolutely a great bang-for-the-buck wheel, I would just hate to see someone get them and think they're getting something comparable to an HRE / BBS etc mono, because they're not."

    I'm waiting until I need new tires before I purchasing lighter wheels but I like the weight, look, and price of the VO2's. Looking forward to seeing your car if you get these.
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