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  • Brogan ·
    tried to PM you but your message box was full.


    I sent you an email earlier this evening, then I was reading a post about HFC and exhaust and saw this;

    "If you really want one, I'll sell you mine - had it on the car for all of a week or so and even with the additional Solo silencers added, it was far too annoying (part of that is that I own a coupe which has resonances the convert doesn't). Been sitting in the garage ever since. Open to offers."

    I will be up in Oregon beginning of July to pick up my car from RPM, I am very interested in buying your old exhaust from you.

    Not sure on what to offer you just yet, but I wanted to shoot you an email ASAP to get priority if a lot of people were interested.

    Andrew Bell of Cincinnati Ohio ( aka Brogan)
    KEVINZ07 ·
    hi I was wornding if you traded in your coupe , because there.s a coupe on ebay from where you live at a gm dealership sly gray thanks kevin
    Seldom Home ·
    Hi Bill in BC,
    I'm looking to replace the wheels on my 2007 GXP. The bolt pattern is stated as 5X110mm. When checking out the specs for the street edition wheels they seem to be 5X112mm. Since you were involved in with the acquisition of the street edtition wheels I thought I would ask you if there is indeed a difference in the wheels specs for the 2009 model and previous years. I have posted the question on the boards and the consensus seems to be that the wheels are all the same bolt pattern and are interchangeable from year to year, however, I would appreciate a reply based on your broad experience.
    Many thanks,
    Ron in ON
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