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  1. Pedal Commander

    Mods - Engine 2.4 l Ecotec
    One interesting point near the end of that paper concerned reliability, specifically that these devices are usually not made to the highest of quality and reliability standards, and a failure would result in the throttle: 1) Going to zero. 2) Freezing where it is. 3) Going to maximum. None of...
  2. Video of the Day

    Other Car Discussion
    Isn't that video 10 years old? The story about GM's logo was big after the bankruptcy, but nothing ever came of it.
  3. Found it

    Mods - Interior/Exterior Functional/Appearance
    You can edit your own post for 24 hours, but cannot delete one, and you have no rights to alter anyone else's posts. If you want to delete one of your posts, or edit it after 24 hours, you can contact a moderator or administrator to do it for you. I started to delete this when I first saw it...
  4. Pedal Commander

    Mods - Engine 2.4 l Ecotec
    These things make you feel like you have better throttle response because they amplify what you are doing. You can get the same result by pushing the pedal further down. I found this very informative whitepaper by someone who did a very thorough analysis of one, and his conclusions are spot-on...
  5. New member

    New Member Section
    Welcome to the forum. I'm sure you will find your answers here.
  6. Will this starter replacement work on a solstice?

    General Solstice Discussion
    It appears to fit, but I have never heard of Hex Autoparts, and I could not find a physical address anywhere on their website. Rock Auto has a good reuptation, and a physical address. Their starters are a bit more expensive, but are name brands.
  7. differential woes

    General Solstice Discussion
    I have seen very very few instances of anyone needed a rebuild. Most of the problems have been leaking seals or LSD chatter caused by improper fluid use. The units were originally classified as not rebuildable, although really only because parts were not available, and the ones that had serious...
  8. Kappa Platform Service Manual FREE for EVERYONE!!!!!!

    General Solstice Discussion
    As has been posted here frequently, the source for the factory service manuals is helminc.com. They are listed as in stock there for $335. Many have posted that you may be able to get them for less at crateenginedepot.com It has also been posted that AutoZone.com has good service information...
  9. Cat Delete

    General Solstice Discussion
    It is a setting that apparently doesn't, or at least in your case didn't, get set with the new forum format. Check here: https://www.solsticeforum.com/threads/we-are-live-community-feedback.160000/post-2200362
  10. We Are Live - Community Feedback

    Community Help
    @syjos asked this question in another thread. I am copying it here in case others have the same question: I'm not being notified. How do I follow or subscribe to posts that I respond to? It seemed automatic on the old site when you posted a comment. Click on your icon at the top right of the...
  11. 2007 Pontiac Solstice

    General Solstice Discussion
    Welcome Christy. @chickenwire is probably correct about the cause. There is quite a bit of work involved in the fix, but the parts at least are not expensive. There is a similar problem where the air is either cold or maximum hot that can be solved by a calibration, but cold air only is...
  12. Relocating the DIC

    Mods - Interior/Exterior Functional/Appearance
    A core sample wouldn't tell you much about the difference between HUD and non-HUD. The wedge angle we use is in the neighborhood of 25 milliradians making for a very subtle thickness change. It is the angle that kills the double-image, as the angle is matched to the curvature of the glass, the...
  13. Relocating the DIC

    Mods - Interior/Exterior Functional/Appearance
    Are you sure about the coating? I have seen a lot of references to coated WS in the forums, but have not seen any information in our system to confirm it. Of course that is a relatively old design and we didn't make the OEM parts anyway so my information is not definitive. Since at least the...
  14. Relocating the DIC

    Mods - Interior/Exterior Functional/Appearance
    I don't think that the Corvette WS is coated, not that it matters. The new technology for HUD is a lot more durable, but impossible to retrofit.
  15. OEM Wheels

    Tires & Wheels
    I am all for resurrecting old threads, but this one is four years old, and TaLoN316 hasn't been on the forum for a year, so don't expect a response from him.
  16. Convertible Top Preservative

    Car Care and Detailing Forum
    I would answer, but this is supposed to be a family-friendly forum. Seriously: "Taco" is short for "Tacoma". RtE has one.
  17. Relocating the DIC

    Mods - Interior/Exterior Functional/Appearance
    If you could relocate the DIC would you do it? I think it is possible, depending on how far you want to move it. Basically cut the header pins that connect the display board to the Instrument cluster board and reconnect them with wires of the appropriate length.
  18. Will a Base Solstice Nose Fit on a GXP?

    Solstice GXP Discussion
    My reaction too, I think that I just don't understand German humor.
  19. 2007 RED Solstice with 50,000 miles for $8,500

    General Solstice Discussion
    The kit includes three braces. The ProBeam reinforces the rear suspension to remove some cornering instability without affecting the ride at all. The Backbone stiffens the chassis torsionally and will make the ride harsher. The VenomBrace ties the front shock/spring towers together and (to me)...
  20. Battery draining

    Community Help
    My thought too, but it appears to be an auto.
1-20 of 182 Results