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  1. Suede Door Inserts W/Colored Thread Available

    General Solstice Discussion
    These are being discussed on FB and available on Ebay. JF Customs, Someone said that the plastic welds that hold on the vinyl door inserts have to be broken in order for the insert to be removed, then remove the OEM vinyl, and then recovered w/the suede insert. Though I'm not sure how you...
  2. Found this on my front porch

    General Tech, Solstice GXP Specific
    Please give us a review on it. TIA
  3. F/S Low Price Solstices

    General Solstice Discussion
    Mechanic Special $600. https://inlandempire.craigslist.org/cto/d/temecula-2006-pontiac-solsice-project/7029862278.html
  4. F/S NIB Norms Center Exhaust Valance $250 Coconut Creek FL

    Solstices and Parts for Sale/Want to Buy
    NOT MINE, found on Craigslist Sellers comments: New In Box Custom Rear Fascia From Norms Fiberglass. Unpainted / Primer ready to paint. Paid $395.00 Note: You can confirm pricing at website. Fairly easy DIY install comes with hardware. I Also have a matching high polish muffler New In Box ( See...
  5. front fascia removal - how to

    Mods - Interior/Exterior Functional/Appearance
    It's because PhotoSuckit changed from a free photo hosting service to a pay to play service. If you're not a member you can't see the photos clearly.
  6. Heads Up Santana 2019 Black Friday Cup Holder Sale

    General Solstice Discussion
    Posted to FB, but the amount of discount won't be announced until 6PM this evening. Per Santana: This sale only happens once every few years and it is the BEST discount, really the ONLY discount we ever offer. Set an alarm for 6pm on Thanksgiving, we will post the links and discount- while...
  7. Coupe Cargo Net

    Solstice Coupe Discussion
    I did a search for 09 Pontiac Solstice coupe cargo net, and was surprised something came up. Unfortunately, no pics. GM 25910224 $11.68 (GM Parts Mania)
  8. Looking for a coupe now ? part 2

    Solstice Coupe Discussion
    Canada, VIN Y000823, GXP, Auto, Mysterious, 52,671KM (32,728 Miles), $15,987 (US $12,017), https://www.carpages.ca/used-cars/quebec/beauport/2009-pontiac-solstice-4177353/
  9. Looking for a coupe now ? part 2

    Solstice Coupe Discussion
    VIN Y000897, GXP, Auto, Aggressive, 34,250 Miles, $21,900, Hollywood, FL https://miami.craigslist.org/brw/ctd/d/hollywood-2009-pontiac-soltice-gxp-coupe/7025308007.html
  10. F/S Various Body Panels hood, trunk, doors, bumpers, Austin TX

    Solstices and Parts for Sale/Want to Buy
    NOT MINE, found on CL. Separate ad for each part...
  11. 2010 pontiac gxp coupe

    Solstices and Parts for Sale/Want to Buy
    I seem to remember a Pontiac dealer posting it here several years ago after he received it from GM? and saying that he had no plans to sell it. But a year or so later he did end up selling it, so I'm not sure how that fits into the history or buying/selling history of this unique car. BTW, I'm...
  12. 2008 gxp for sale.. auto,100k, yellow, softop

    Solstices and Parts for Sale/Want to Buy
    More than likely you have air in your system. There are a couple different ways that folks use to get the air out. It would be a shame to sell your car if that is indeed the issue.
  13. F/S Low Price Solstices

    General Solstice Discussion
    08, 2.4, Manual, 130,000 miles, $5,600, Sacramento, https://sacramento.craigslist.org/cto/d/sacramento-2008-pontiac-solstice/7022586154.html
  14. Looking for a coupe now ? part 2

    Solstice Coupe Discussion
    https://detroit.craigslist.org/wyn/cto/d/grosse-ile-2009-pontiac-solstice-coupe/7022128020.html Sellers comments: VIN Y000893. $27,500. This solstice is a Targa (removable hardtop) coupe, turbo that delivers 260hp. 1 of 213 coupes in the Cool Silver color. Only 1,266 coupes were produced. Comes...
  15. Low-Mileage Solstices For Sale

    Solstices and Parts for Sale/Want to Buy
    06, Manual, Aggressive, 147 Miles, $10,000, Apache Junction, CA https://losangeles.craigslist.org/lgb/cto/d/mesa-2006-pontiac-solstice/7021575380.html
  16. Widebody Vert Vid

    General Solstice Discussion
    Just found this car for sale in Lithuanian. https://autoplius.lt/skelbimai/pontiac-solstice-2-4-l-kabrioletas-2006-benzinas-7556505.html. Just noticed it has a rare Aftershock ducktail spoiler. Price 3150 euro = $1038 USD? Video still up on YT.
  17. F/S Low Price Solstices

    General Solstice Discussion
    Salvage title, 07, GXP, Auto, Black, 93,000 Miles, $4,300, Tucson, AZ https://tucson.craigslist.org/cto/d/tucson-pontiac-solstice-gxp/7018532070.html (pics)
  18. Solo center exhaust+Norms fiberglass valance $1000 Norman OK

    Solstices and Parts for Sale/Want to Buy
    New posting, btw this is for the 2.4. https://oklahomacity.craigslist.org/pts/d/norman-pontiac-solstice-custom-duel-kit/7018822503.html
  19. 2019 SEMA GM Announces ZR1 Crate Engine Now Available

    Mods - Engine/Transmission Major, Transpsplants
    schwartzperformance.com/.../lt5-supercharged.../ P/N 19417105 List $19,995 our price $17,915 The power behind the 2019 Corvette ZR1 is now available from Chevrolet Performance in the new LT5 crate engine – the most powerful production engine ever crafted from Chevrolet. Rated at 755 hp @ 6400...
  20. F/S Low Price Solstices

    General Solstice Discussion
    06, Manual, Black, 120,000, $3,800, Clovis, CA https://fresno.craigslist.org/cto/d/clovis-2006-pontiac-solstice/7016463562.html (pic)
1-20 of 428 Results