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  1. 2007 Solstice GXP for sale

    Solstices and Parts for Sale/Want to Buy
    2007 Solstice GXP for SOLD It has been sold
  2. 2007 Solstice GXP for sale

    Solstices and Parts for Sale/Want to Buy
    Didn't want to do this but I don't need 5 cars in the driveway. I'm not selling the coupe!!! Car is fantastic shape, well maintained and garage kept. Asking $8750. KBB with all the options you can select has a high value of $9100 and in no way have the features this car has. Her name...
  3. Where To Mount XM Antenna

    Mods - Audio & Etc.
    IBD, remove the surround behind the seats, there is a shelf on top of the center compartment that you can see with it out. I put mine there. i have my GPS antenna there also.
  4. How come we don't have this for Kappa's from GM?

    General Tech, Platform Common Issues & Solutions
    DaveOC is correct, I have my TSBs on Kappaperformance in a sub forum that isn't viewable to the google search.
  5. Lamo doors

    I'm 4 hours south of you and I've installed over 10 of these kits. If you want help, let me know.
  6. Solstice Cup Holder

    Solstices and Parts for Sale/Want to Buy
    Group buy now open on the Santana Billet Cup Holder. Google Kappaperformance Billet Cup holder
  7. Santana Cup holder?

    Mods - Interior/Exterior Functional/Appearance
    Hey guys, the Santana Cup Holder is back and on sale. Google Kappaperformance Billet Cup holder Let me google that for you
  8. Santana cup holder

    Mods - Interior/Exterior Functional/Appearance
    Update on this thread, you can get one now. On sale http://www.solsticeforum.com/forum/f62/santana-cup-holder-71775/
  9. "How To" Convert Side Marker Lights into Marker/Turn Signals

    Mods - Interior/Exterior Functional/Appearance
    FYI, my mod is being sold by a certain roadster club that uses GM in their name... and according to the site, there are more difficult versions around the web. I don't know how much easier this can be? I didn't patent this mod so anyone can sell it but don't get ripped off for something that...
  10. Backup Camera Install

    Solstice Coupe Discussion
    I use a coat hanger and there was plenty of length to get it to the space where the brake light sits.
  11. Backup Camera Install

    Solstice Coupe Discussion
    This is how I did it. There is photos on kappaperformance dot com of the brake light removal for the coupe. Remove the left wheel, then pull back the wheel liner, from there you can reach the two twist off wing nuts for the tail light. Then remove the tail light. Now fish a wire from the...
  12. Service ESC Question!! Advice ASAP

    General Solstice Discussion
    That is normal since the rear tires are moving faster than the front. It usually goes away after about a 1/4 mile of driving. This is also a normal indication after leaving a dyno. Don't worry about it.
  13. Dr. Girlfriend goes in surgery tomorrow.

    Solstice GXP Discussion
    too bad you're letting the dealer do another crappy splice job, so many people have had issues with the GMPP kits installed. There is a solution though. Crate Engine Depot has announced a plug and play adapter kit to install the sensors. Adapter harness for GM Turbo Upgrade kit, No more...
  14. Parting Out 2008 GXP 9000 miles

    Solstices and Parts for Sale/Want to Buy
    You will destroy the rear bumper to remove the stock spoiler, just sayin. Does the convert top have the headliner?
  15. Whattaya Think?

    General Tech, Solstice GXP Specific
    Ken, We need to get together where I can read your coupe and compare it to a stock 09 coupe and see if it is different, I'll be able to tell you which tune is installed in it. You coupe is better off without the sensor upgrade. Joe
  16. i killed Slymer

    General Solstice Discussion
    After disconnecting the batter, the car will go through a test cycle for about 45 seconds where all 3 LED in knobs of A/C untit blinks together. Did you check all your fuses? Pull the BCM plug also and wait a few minutes.
  17. Solstice Apprentice Episode on Youtube

    General Solstice Discussion
    Hal, thanks for posting the links. I was the one that asked. The Pontiac Museum in Pontiac Ill is setting up a Solstice display and would like to have the episode playing on a TV there. Does anyone have this on DVD? The first part of Hal's post is ok but the other ones the voice isn't lined...
  18. She's Home!

    Solstice Coupe Discussion
    Coupe looks great. I wouldn't put anything less then premium. Pontiac Solstice - Glove Box Owners Manuals Don't buy the GMPP upgrade directly from the dealer. The parts are only about $75 from Performance Autowerks and the tune only takes about 30 seconds to write. A lot of people with...
  19. Minor issue with my top - is this normal?

    General Solstice Discussion
    Read this thread http://www.solsticeforum.com/forum/f12/top-ripping-pinching-fix-38004/?highlight=pinch+top
  20. 2JZ Solstice Swap

    Mods - Engine/Transmission Major, Transpsplants
    When is the dyno going to happen or is it burried here.
1-20 of 455 Results