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  1. Kappas on the North Coast Event - OHIO

    Great Lakes
    Miller Ferry's website says they are not able to round trip a vehicle within the same day on Saturdays. Do they bend that rule for us? Otherwise we'll have to stay on the island Saturday night if we go to the Test N Tune Friday night.
  2. NASSM 2014 Dining Options

    National Events
    2 people for Thursday buffet please.
  3. Driving across Pennsylvania to NASSM 2014

    National Events
    Mysolst is correct - there is no toll on I-80 in Pennsylvania. The PA Turnpike is I-76. The Ohio Turnpike switches from I-80 to I-76 about 10-15 miles west of Pennsylvania. Therefore, those of you going east on I-80 Ohio Turnpike will need to exit the turnpike in Ohio to remain on I-80. The...
  4. Nassm 2014 hotel booking list

    National Events
    Reservations made for Thursday-Monday a few days ago
1-4 of 4 Results