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425WHP Mallett Hammer Solstice
Leather seats, power windows, door locks, fog lights, AC, Monsoon system
Claimed to be a very rare car, one of a kind.

The first Mallett sold to the general public. 1-3 were supposedly test cars, and have not been located that I am aware of. I am the third owner, but the first owner was the Mallett Corporation/Investor. The car has 10,407 miles on it at this time.

It has not had an easy life the last few years. Engine removed, all wiring cut, hit a curb and ruined two of the custom Mallett wheels, broke a rotor and knocked the rear out of alignment. Dented the exhaust. Car has three small dents and one of the fenders has the lift dent in it. It is missing the front bumper and all brackets, supposedly lost. Also missing the passenger interior door panel. The car has sat outside in the heat of the Fresno area for almost 2 years, with no care or protection. The car has not been driven in over 3 years. The second owner passed away, and his son got the car. He decided to remove the engine and to junk the car. I bought it on February 11th 2016, it was going to the junk yard on Friday the 13th. It is the only signed Solstice, was GM's and Mallett's entry into the Florida International Car Show. Has a Norm's custom rear fascia, Penske Shocks, SSBC brakes, Corsa true dual exhaust system. As I understand it, it was never tested. It was the show car for Mallett corporation.

I have been working on it for the last two months, attempting to put it back to its original condition, with of course 10K on it. I am not doing a frame off restoration on the car as it is in near perfect condition

You are seeing pictures of how it was when we picked it up and the progress to what it will be again.
2006 Pontiac 425WHP Mallett Hammer Solstice (Sly)


The car came with the only 425WHP version Mallett made. It has signed coil covers. It supposedly has been modified by the second owner. The claim is near 650WHP. We have little proof of this, but the car will be dyno tested soon.
Under dash has been completely replaced, due to it being broken in many places when the wiring was basically ripped out. I have installed a new harness.

I am having problems locating a non door lock switch door panel, so may put the door lock version in. While I continue to look for the correct panel
I have learned that this car was originally shown with a Windrestrictor at the Florida International Car Show. Robert and Stephen Penning had been invited by Chuck Mallett to attend the car show. They decided to put a Windrestrictor on the car, most likely one of the first on a Kappa. Stephen has pictures of this car with his brother Robert, some of the last pictures of his brother. Who tragically passed less than a month later.
Penske custom shocks and lowering springs
Wheel and Tire
It has custom one off wheels, as near as I can tell only a few sets were made. I have not been able to find out who made the wheels, one has a tag inside that says #00007 of batch # 001. Forgeline does not claim the wheel

Tires are the new Bridgestone Potenzas R71



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