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Jim, I recently saw your Solstice on the forum and I have a couple of questions for you I'd greatly appreciate it if you could answer for me. I have an 07 in the same color combination and if you don't mind I would like to copy some of your work.
!. How thick or wide are your side stripes? How wide is the center, how far is the space between it and the thinner stripes above and below the main one? Where did you buy the stripe kit and if you recall, how much did it cost.
2. Did you have your seats recovered or are your seats covered with pre-made covers? I just saw them on-line somewhere recently and I'm not sure but I'm thinking they cost about $180-240...?
3. Did you paint your front grilles black and are they painted a gloss black, semi-gloss or a flat black?

Your car looks great and and I hear copying somebody else's creation(s) is the best compliment you can give a guy or girl for their car! lol... funny but true.

Anyway, would appreciate any info you may still or remember about the mods on your car.

Thanks so much,