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  1. Solstice GXP Discussion
    Hello! I am getting around to ordering parts for my 2007 Solstice GXP 5 Speed 146k miles. Looking to swap out the clutch, pressure plate, flywheel, throw-out bearing, and pilot bearing. Mainly concerned with the aftermarket clutch and finding a flywheel. Below are the links...
  2. Solstice GXP Discussion
    Hello, I have some prior posts about my clutch plate reaching its end of life. So I am looking to replace and upgrade, however I am new to a lot of this. I have a good backing of friends who are going to help me throughout the process. Are there any recommendations for upgrading? I am just...
  3. General Solstice Discussion
    Has anyone developed a mod or a process to bleed the Clutch Slave Cylinder while in the vehicle?
  4. General Solstice Discussion
    I'm hoping this write up will come in handy for anyone doing a clutch job in their Solstice/Sky in the future. I've never done a clutch before on any car, so take all this with a grain of salt, but I got the car working again and the new clutch drives great! It sure was a lengthy and tedious...
  5. General Solstice Discussion
    Howdy y'all. Getting close to finishing my clutch install but I wanted to check and see if anyone who has installed the EXEDY clutch kit for the solstice in to their car (04802) knows if a shim is necessary. I've noticed that the EXEDY pressure plate is about half the thickness of the stock one...
  6. General Tech, Platform Common Issues & Solutions
    Hey all, I am in the process of trying to drop the transmission so I can install my new pilot bearing and Exedy clutch (car won't shift gears when engine is on). Per the chilton's manual, it's saying I need to disconnect the starter from the transmission. What it isn't clear about, however, is...
1-6 of 6 Results