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  1. Mods - Engine 2.0 Turbo
    Has anyone done a good, separate oil cooler for the LNF? The stock "cooler/heater" seems impossible to access to remove while the engine is in the car. DDM has a remote filter kit for a Polaris Slingshot (and also a remote sender to fit in the filter cavity), that maybe could kind of work to...
  2. Autocross and Racing Discussion (Solstice/Kappa)
    Hi all, Longtime lurker and fan of the platform. I own a low mileage NA Sky, but am looking to scoop up a Redline or GXP as an autocross and track car. I have spent a couple years participating in autoX in Camaros and Corvettes, and while there are plenty of LS swapped Solstices in SCCA CAM-S...
  3. Solstice GXP Discussion
    hi folks - trying to figure out next steps here and would appreciate your input.. I have had some level of cooling problems since ~2yrs ago (unfortunately due to my job situation, things have been moving slow). here's the lowdown: bought car in 2016 w/ 77k mi. operating temps always in...
1-3 of 3 Results