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  1. Solstice GXP Discussion
    Hello, Found this radiator fan on Ebay, it is also listed on Rock Auto for 205$. Is this a safe replacement to go with? Instead of OE?
  2. Solstice GXP Discussion
    Hello, Thanks to the help on here I was able to buy a new electronic control unit for my radiator fan from a Crown Vic. Plugged it in and started the car up, got an engine light and the code said it's my fan. So the ECU works now which is great! But guess I need a new fan lol. Is there anyone...
  3. Solstice GXP Discussion
    Hello, Recently I discovered that the electronic controller for my radiator fan went out on my 2007 Solstice GXP. I am trying to replace the module rather than the whole assembly for price reasons. Does anyone have experience with this part and wether it is a suitable replacement or not...
  4. Mods - Engine 2.0 Turbo
    Has anyone done a good, separate oil cooler for the LNF? The stock "cooler/heater" seems impossible to access to remove while the engine is in the car. DDM has a remote filter kit for a Polaris Slingshot (and also a remote sender to fit in the filter cavity), that maybe could kind of work to...
  5. Autocross and Racing Discussion (Solstice/Kappa)
    Hi all, Longtime lurker and fan of the platform. I own a low mileage NA Sky, but am looking to scoop up a Redline or GXP as an autocross and track car. I have spent a couple years participating in autoX in Camaros and Corvettes, and while there are plenty of LS swapped Solstices in SCCA CAM-S...
  6. Solstice GXP Discussion
    hi folks - trying to figure out next steps here and would appreciate your input.. I have had some level of cooling problems since ~2yrs ago (unfortunately due to my job situation, things have been moving slow). here's the lowdown: bought car in 2016 w/ 77k mi. operating temps always in...
1-6 of 6 Results