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  1. Mods - Engine 2.0 Turbo
    So long story, I need a new cat for my Solstice (yay HPFP leaking). It's an 07 GXP that started life in California but now lives in Nevada, where I only need a Federal cat. The difference in cost is $800 between the Federal and the California and I would very much like to save those $800. Will I...
  2. General Solstice Discussion
    I’ve had my 2007 Pontiac Solstice 2.4 base for about 6 weeks. Had no issues first two gas fills, passed CA smog at time of sale, but started having the gas fill issue about three weeks ago. Did my research on the forum and sounded like a classic case of needing a new evap canister. Ordered it...
  3. General Solstice Discussion
    1. I recently purchased a 2008 solstice gxp (it is a manual) everything was going well, until the check engine light came on, got it checked it was for the MAP sensor, the next day when I started the car, the light was gone. The check engine light has been coming on periodically, I let the car...
1-3 of 3 Results