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  1. Getting Your Solstice
    I am looking for a 2.4 solstice that would be a candidate for a V6 swap, I would look for a solstice with either a dead engine or drivetrain or minor front end damage because that is easily fixable. I don't want to use a gxp because they are already limited and I want the community to save those...
  2. Mods - Engine/Transmission Major, Transpsplants
    Has anybody swapped the newish 2.0T engine from GM into the solstice ? Hp is rated at 275 and 295 torque. Love to hear feedback
  3. General Tech, Solstice GXP Specific
    So my 07 GXP engine blew up, literally have a fist size hole in the side of the block. Now im trying to decide should i drop a 2.0 back in or go ahead with an LS swap like ive been wanting to and if it would cost too much extra. Im not sure which one i would go with or what else i would need...
1-3 of 3 Results