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  1. Engine Repair Due to OverHeating

    Solstice GXP Discussion
    Hi everyone; I have a 2007 GXP with 53k miles on it that has had electrical issues for a while and it tends to overheat some times but never excessively. Yesterday, I had noticed when I went to drive the car that the coolant had leaked overnight so I re-filled it and let it sit for another day...
  2. Does anyone know what this hose is for?

    General Solstice Discussion
    Hello, A couple weeks ago my check engine light would come on and off sporadically at startup. I got the code read, and it was thought by the guys at O’Rileys to be either a CAM shaft position sensor, or an oxygen sensor of sorts. I pulled my engine cover off recently to see a hose cut clean off...
  3. Engine Seized Advice (To Part or Replace)

    General Solstice Discussion
    Hey all, Today, I received the unfortunate news from my local shop that my Solstice's engine has seized up. There weren't any typical indicators that I may be having an oil leak issue. Nothing on the ground, plenty of oil when I checked, no fluids leaking upon inspection. I thought it to be...