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  1. General Solstice Discussion
    The original Monsoon Head Unit was...OK...maybe...NOT! Replaced mine and kept the Monsoon Amp. This install covers the Saturn Sky Redline. Aside from trim, most tips and notes should be applicable to our Solstice brethren. GO WITH "CRUTCHFIELD"!! or you may need Post Traumatic Installation...
  2. Mods - Audio & Etc.
    I bought a Solstice recently. The stereo does not work, so I need to replace it. I need y'all's help Has anyone installed this HU? Does it "plug and play"? Which is the correct size? 7inch, 8inch ? How does it sound? Thank you all for your time and answers!
  3. General Solstice Discussion
    I'm sure there are plenty of threads on the subject, but I'm stuck as I install the new head unit into my Solstice. I turn to the gurus who have been doing this for far longer than I have here, as I am a novice at best (I've done a few things, but never this comprehensive...) I've been...
1-3 of 3 Results