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  1. Transmission fluid flub: 2 spoonfuls of used oil

    Autocross and Racing Discussion (Solstice/Kappa)
    Grateful for any advice: I accidentally mistook the transmission pan plug for the oil plug. Sounds like I only drained about a third of my transmission fluid from what I've read; issue is I drained it into the cutout 5 quart container I use for oil changes. There were a couple of spoonfuls...
  2. Engine Seized Advice (To Part or Replace)

    General Solstice Discussion
    Hey all, Today, I received the unfortunate news from my local shop that my Solstice's engine has seized up. There weren't any typical indicators that I may be having an oil leak issue. Nothing on the ground, plenty of oil when I checked, no fluids leaking upon inspection. I thought it to be...