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  1. General Solstice Discussion
    I believe the best place to monitor oil temp would be the Turbo Drain Port. Has anyone attempted that?
  2. General Solstice Discussion
    2008 N/A 2.4 Solstice. have a major oil leak. I went to my son's football practice, and upon starting the car when leaving, the engine was knocking like it was almost out of oil. After shutting the engine off and checking the stick, I saw that it was bone dry. I put almost 3 quarts in and was...
  3. General Solstice Discussion
    Just got a new engine and was told by the seller to use conventional oil for the first 500miles then change oil for conventional for another 3000 miles and then after the 3500 miles, i could use synthetic. Question is, which oil do i use? I saw that 5w-30 is a synthethic and does not come in a...
  4. Mods - Engine 2.0 Turbo
    Has anyone done a good, separate oil cooler for the LNF? The stock "cooler/heater" seems impossible to access to remove while the engine is in the car. DDM has a remote filter kit for a Polaris Slingshot (and also a remote sender to fit in the filter cavity), that maybe could kind of work to...
  5. Autocross and Racing Discussion (Solstice/Kappa)
    Grateful for any advice: I accidentally mistook the transmission pan plug for the oil plug. Sounds like I only drained about a third of my transmission fluid from what I've read; issue is I drained it into the cutout 5 quart container I use for oil changes. There were a couple of spoonfuls...
  6. General Solstice Discussion
    Hey all, Today, I received the unfortunate news from my local shop that my Solstice's engine has seized up. There weren't any typical indicators that I may be having an oil leak issue. Nothing on the ground, plenty of oil when I checked, no fluids leaking upon inspection. I thought it to be...
1-6 of 6 Results