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  1. General Solstice Discussion
    Hi, I just hot a 2006 Solstice 5 speed, 2.4L. When i drive it, coolant temp rises fast to 194. If i stop at red light for 3 min, it goes to 216. Then for the rest of the ride. it never goes below 198. i just put in a new ac delco thermostat and coolant sensor. Coolant is full and new. A/C works...
  2. Solstice GXP Discussion
    Hi everyone; I have a 2007 GXP with 53k miles on it that has had electrical issues for a while and it tends to overheat some times but never excessively. Yesterday, I had noticed when I went to drive the car that the coolant had leaked overnight so I re-filled it and let it sit for another day...
  3. General Tech, Platform Common Issues & Solutions
    I'm hoping to get some advice. I have a 2008 Solstice GXP 2.0. I've been having problems recently where the temperature starts to rise while waiting in traffic or long lights. At first they said it was the thermostat. I replaced it but now it appears it the fan. Apparently there is a delay when...
1-3 of 3 Results