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  1. Solstice Coupe Discussion
    I have been having issues that I think are related to my keyless remote. What makes it unique to coupes is the rear hatch keeps popping open when the car is parked and locked, often at a shopping center. Not good. Maybe not just for coupes if the same button pops the top on roadsters. Second...
  2. General Tech, Platform Common Issues & Solutions
    Last week while driving my cluster lit up and gauges dropped to zero WHILE DRIVING. Got to destination and car would not restart. Was able to pop the clutch and get it started but in the same state. Drove home. Likely bad ECM. Next day same problem held + & - cables together (disconnected...
  3. Solstice FAQ, Specifications, Performance Data
    If your fob no longer functions due to circuitry issues... this was the easiest fix I have ever experienced in 20 years of fob replacement. Literally, plug in the diagnostic module (it will beep,) hold LOCK/UNLOCK simultaneously for 3 seconds, you're done. Dorman
1-3 of 3 Results