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  1. General Solstice Discussion
    I purchased my solstice 1 year ago and the top is in great shape minus the passenger corner of the rear window is leaking. When I purchased it the corner of the window was covered in tape and when it would rain a tiny puddle of water would accumulate at the bottom of it. I finally realized the...
  2. Solstices and Parts for Sale/Want to Buy
    Like new condition with storage bag. Best offer. Please send email to [email protected]
  3. Solstices and Parts for Sale/Want to Buy
    Soft top for sale - like new condition ( one dime size scuff mark from shipping ) never been on a car except to see what it looked like. These GM soft tops are no longer available anywhere. Asking $1,200 plus shipping cost - really would prefer pick up in Fort Worth Texas. DFWBERT email
1-3 of 3 Results