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  1. General Solstice Discussion
    Hey everyone....2009 Base going into limp mode. Did a maint kit on the transmission. No help. Replaced the 3 sensors in the transmission. No help. Replaced and re-programmed a used TCM. No help. The only thing left is the internal wiring harness but we cant find one. Any ideas?
  2. General Tech, Solstice GXP Specific
    (I posted this on the General Forum about 8 days ago and no response - maybe this should be posted here) I just read a couple of posts here on the forum and it seems that for the MA5 manual transmission the 3rd gear ratio was changed for the 2007 model year. I did not know that. I have three...
  3. Autocross and Racing Discussion (Solstice/Kappa)
    Grateful for any advice: I accidentally mistook the transmission pan plug for the oil plug. Sounds like I only drained about a third of my transmission fluid from what I've read; issue is I drained it into the cutout 5 quart container I use for oil changes. There were a couple of spoonfuls...
  4. General Solstice Discussion
    I'm hoping this write up will come in handy for anyone doing a clutch job in their Solstice/Sky in the future. I've never done a clutch before on any car, so take all this with a grain of salt, but I got the car working again and the new clutch drives great! It sure was a lengthy and tedious...
  5. General Solstice Discussion
    Howdy y'all. Getting close to finishing my clutch install but I wanted to check and see if anyone who has installed the EXEDY clutch kit for the solstice in to their car (04802) knows if a shim is necessary. I've noticed that the EXEDY pressure plate is about half the thickness of the stock one...
  6. General Tech, Platform Common Issues & Solutions
    Hey all, I am in the process of trying to drop the transmission so I can install my new pilot bearing and Exedy clutch (car won't shift gears when engine is on). Per the chilton's manual, it's saying I need to disconnect the starter from the transmission. What it isn't clear about, however, is...
1-6 of 6 Results