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We have a small stock of 08/09 LNF ECM's that we got for a good price and are passing along the good price. We are offering a special for $450 that includes our tune and a brand new GM ECM which will be programmed with yoru vin. With a new ECM alone from the popular online GM parts vendors running $250 plus $50 shipping, this will be a good buy for eveyone who wanted to keep their stock ECM untouched, but enjoy the power and features of a good ECM tune.
There is not a shopping cart button for this special, but you can call us at 724-349-4431 and order by phone, or you can do an online order sheet and do a payment via paypal to [email protected] and put in the info area that you are purchasing the Solstice forum special for your 08/09 GXP/Redline and we will match it up to your order sheet.
We did only get 6 ECM's in at the deal price we got, so the sale will be in effect until the stock is gone. I don't get onto the forum every day so if you have any quick questions drop us an email at [email protected] for an even faster response.
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