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It's our 12 days of Christmas sale for 2012. :willy:

On the 11th day of Christmas my true love gave to me:

Stage 2 Supercharger kits for 2.4L Sky's!!

Ok, so we missed yesterday because of traveling, but we are making up for it with the item that started it all for us with the kappa community, our supercharger kit. If you are looking for instant throttle response, linear power and a lot of fun from the 2.4l, this is what you are looking for, the stage 2 supercharger kit.

We believe cars should be fun and as individual as their owners. The stage 2 kit covers that by adding over 100hp to the 2.4l, and more power always makes things more fun! With the stage 2 kit you can pick from almost a limitless choice of colors to really show your personality, and when combined with a powder coated valve cover or coil cover, can really make your car a reflection of your personality.

The stage 2 supercharger kit uses a rugged and durable mp62 supercharger to push more air into your engine. All that extra air goes through one of the most efficient intercooler a out there to keep the air nice and cool, producing the most power. CNC cut aluminum and steel hold it all together with mandrel bent tubes in your choice of color finishing it all off.

The stage 2kits can be installed with your entirely stock exhaust, or look at going with a SOLO exhaust that we carry to add a little more to the setup.

During the 12 days of Christmas sale, take 10% off of the kit and save $460!! That will buy a lot of other presents!

To order, just go to our website, or feel free to give us a call on Wednesday the 26th and we will get it going for you.

Solstice/Sky Stage 2 Supercharger Kit by DDMWorks

- About the 12 days of Christmas sale - We will be introducing a new product for the 12 days of Christmas everyday for a total of 12 days. You can place your order anytime during those 12 days, but orders will be filled on a first come first serve basis, so get that order in early! We can hold your order until the last day and combine shipping if you would like, just let us know when you place your order you would like us to do that.
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