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Solly #909 1400 mile report...

short version... wow!

long version...

I already mentioned the head-turning quality of the sol, and the compliments you'll get from other drivers; I need to bring up the absolute joy in acceleration from stop, the fact that the regular old radio is fine, the lesson that it is still warm out... besides, the heater will blow with the top down (your perception of the cold changes drastically when you are driving a solstice, besides, you ARE wearing your solstice jacket, aren't you??)

I took a couple of long cruises in the solly, ended up at a car show on Rte. 15 on Saturday afternoon. Man, the cars there were terrific. I took a lot of pictures, but I know better than to post them on my website (you guys crashed it last time I posted pix there). I have not been to many car shows, and I'm sure there is a certain etiquette to be observed, but I couldn't resist driving by slowly and giving the boys a toot on the horn from the parking lot, and then again from the road as I left. Everybody waved, it was very likely the first solstice they had ever seen.

I also went by the Nats game on Saturday, the kid in the parking lot was an ex-student of mine. Man, you should have seen his eyes bug out when he recognized me... "Mister K!!!" Sweet Ride!"

Unlike many of you I didn't tell a soul that this car was coming, so when I dropped by my buddy John's, he was absolutely floored. We had gone inside for a beer, and he wanted to talk, so about 90 minutes later we strolled out and he got his first glimpse of the car... He literally RAN over to it to check it out, then we went for a spin.

Same thing with my buddy Mark. We had a trip (from DC) to New York planned, so I told him I'd drive. He presumed I was taking my van. I had the Solly in the garage, and couldn't resist paraphrasing John Belushi, "It's two hundred miles to New York, we have a full tank of gas and a half a box of pizza, and we're wearing sunglasses." He knew the routine so he said, "Hit it." Instead of getting in the van I lifted up the garage door... POW!

We headed up 95 and made great time. Four hours of interstate is not the kind of ride I recommend in a Solstice, your legs will begin to ache a bit, and that's a lot of wind.... but we managed. And once we got in the city it was sweet, even cabbies were waving and asking, "Is it really a Pontiac?"

I skipped one little piece, we did stop in Wilmington, and there are THOUSANDS of Solstices in the lot, waiting for delivery. THOUSANDS. Here's a pic:


There were some folks arriving for work (and leaving) but they were not particularly interested in hobnobbing with a new owner, I got the impression they were late for work and couldn't stop. Besides, they've seen plenty of Solstices, if not Solstice owners...

On the way home from NY (I'm going to skip the NY part of the story, just use your imagination) we took 222 N in MD, which is a scenic route. I won't admit to breaking any speed laws, but the ride off the interstate was everything you might wish for and more. I'm a pretty conservative driver, but I pushed my solly pretty hard, never yet have I felt like I lost control. Tight, tight turns at speed are absolutely no problem. I haven't even been able to make the tires squeal in a turn.

We stopped in the park for a second pic:


And just today I took the sol out to the grocery store. I thought you might like to see just how much junk I could fit in the trunk... the Kleenex had to go INSIDE the roof as I closed it (probably not a good idea) but everything else you see here fit in no problem. Most of the small stuff was in 2 paper bags:


That's all for now...

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