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Sold!!! 1993 MR2 Turbo $2500 obo


1993 Toyota MR2 Turbo with T-Tops. $2,500. Body in excellent condition. Interior and engine need a little work.

• Miles: 180K
• The oil was changed every 3K miles with Mobil 1. All regular maintenance was done until I stopped driving the car regularly nearly 7 years ago. It has been sitting in the garage since that time. I occasionally start the car and drive it around the block, it always starts quickly. I started the car last weekend without difficulty. The battery remains disconnected unless I want to start it. I have not been using any type of stabilizer in the fuel.
• The car drove well and was meticulously maintained. I would not consider driving it outside of the neighborhood at this point. Since it has been sitting, I do not know the condition of the seals, hoses and other items that can decay over time. They might be OK, they might not.

The Good:
• The body is in very good shape and the paint is excellent.
• There is a new set of rims and 4 new tires on the car. I also have the original rims to go with the car.
• The engine mechanicals and internals should be in very good shape.
• It has never been wrecked. It has never been raced.
• Timing Belt: replaced twice
• I replaced the clutch, rear main, pan gasket and some other items on the lower end
• I also replaced the turbo ( had the bearing re-done due to a leak)
• Except for the CD player, all of the electronics (Stereo, windows, lights, gauges) work. Not sure what is up with the CD player.

The Bad:
• It has an oil leak and it had one the last year or so that I drove it. It is not a little leak. I don’t know where it is coming from but I suspect eitherthe Rear Main, the oil pan or both. This is my primary concern with the car and it is the reason why I did not drive it regularly after 2007.
• The interior needs some help. The leather has suffered the 20 years of existence. In general, the interior needs some TLC but it is all still there and original.
• The struts are original and they need replacing.
• There is a scratch on the windshield, not a crack or a chip but a scratch. Otherwise all of the glass is in very good shape.

Overall, if you want a car that you can strip and rebuild to race SCCA or the like, this would be an excellent choice. If you can afford to put some money in to the car to refurbish it, it would be a nice weekend driver. The MR2 Turbo model years 93, 94 and 95 are fairly rare and this one is a 93.
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