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I had been in contact with Dan Ferraro at Clear Image Automotive about his long tube header. After several emails back and forth the last 2 emails I got back from him tonight were as follows:

We have our other Solstice
reference points but with a slightly different tube size. I am going to
call DDM tomorrow and see if they are interested in getting their header
back into production. Something had to have happened for them to stop
offering it. So hold off for a couple days on making any decisions. I
have been wanting to get back into the Solstice market and this may be a good opportunity.

I just spoke with Dave at DDM. We are going to work together to bring back
the long tube header he was offering.

Good news for us 2.4 Sols who are looking for this specific mod for our cars! :party:

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Thanks for following up with Dan Ferraro. It is so neat that we will have long tube headers available again. They really help punch up the mid-range power curve on the 2.4.


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