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So, started this build about 2-3 months ago. Any questions let me know. I'll post all my pics and links to my youtube channel!

So i got an 06 solstice 2.4l like new with only 8200 miles.

Current mods:

Rpm Motorsports custom turbo kit

Garrett gt2871r billet wheel ball bearing turbo

600hp Rpm intercooler

#60 ZZP fuel injectors

Tial 50mm BOV

Hp mpvi2 bluetooth tuner

Waterpump rerouted pipe with water out port

Turbo gapped sparkplugs

Dragon Boost gauge

Catless downpipe

WERKSRacing Street/Race MLS Head Gasket

ARP head studs

Werksracing Valve springs #80lb

Titanium Spring retainers

6k leds

Ddm works Coil cover with PAW decal

Heat painted Valve cover

More coming slowly but keeping it low key and more of a sleeper look.

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My mistake here was not turning the motor to TDC (top dead center) while taking my head off. It makes it easier to do the timing that way. Took valve cover off to get started on removing the head.

Valve cover removal

Valve cover painting


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