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Bump. Offer?

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Nice looking car. From the linked page.

This car was a pre production car that was given to a GM engineer to test. He later bought it for himself. Shortly after buying it he sent it to Performance Autowerks to be completely transformed into an awesome little turbocharged hot rod. He soon had a family on the way and I bought it from him and drove it all the way from Flint, Michigan to Gig Harbor. It now has a little over 46k miles.

Performance Autowerks used this car to design their Solstice turbo kit and is still the car you see in the pictures on their website. Everything was upgraded. I confirmed with them prior to buying the car that he had in excess of $10,000 in parts and labor into the car.

This is the basics of what was done, some items are now a little different spec.

The WERKSracing Stage 2 375hp turbo kit RTR Package for the 2.4L Solstice/SKY has arrived! Bolt our stage 2 system on and bolt on over 160hp!

Stock 2.4L NA cars dyno in the 130-140whp range, bolt on our kit and you'll be dynoing in the 300-315whp range! An increase of over 160whp brings your car to 375hp at the crank!

The kit includes -

WERKSracing custom brushed aluminum intercooler piping
WERKSracing cast stainless steel exhaust manifold
WERKSracing stainless steel O2 housing
Precision Turbo 5558 Billet Journal Bearing turbocharger
TIAL MV-S 38mm external wastegate in your choice of colors
TIAL Q BOV in your choice of colors
WERKSracing 3" air intake system
WERKSracing custom stage 2 ecm re-programming
Aeroquip stainless lines
HPTuners Standard tuning interface
60lb/hr fuel injectors
High Flow Center Feed Fuel Rail
Walbro 255lph in tank fuel pump
WERKSracing custom Front mount intercooler
Turbo heat shield
All necessary installation hoses, line and fittings
SPEC Stage 2+ Clutch
WERKSracing aluminum radiator
1 Bottle or Redline Water Wetter

It also has a water/meth kit in it to control detonation.

The Home of WERKSracing products!

Additionally the car was lowered, bilstien shocks added, chassis stiffener added and sway bars were upgraded.

When first built it put out over 400 rwh on the dyno but started to show valve float. It was detuned some to deal with it. There are aftermarket valve spring kits available to allow it to be turned back up.

Right now it is tuned at about 320-340hp. It is a fun car with lots more potential.

It has never been wrecked or even in a fender bender but it is not perfect.

Either my wife or I pulled too far over a curb and tweaked the front facia up a bit.
It needs a new passenger seat airbag sensor.
The trunk is tweaked up a tad from someone pushing down too hard when something was under it.
It could use a new hood release cable. It got hot. Releases fine but the latch doesn't reset without moving it by hand. No big deal but just trying to list everything I can think of.

I have always used full synthetic oil in it. Recent work include a new thermostat and temp switch and ceramic coating of the header and turbo flange.

Selling to help pay off our business.
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