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Hello, Paul Mallette here, I've been lurking in the shadows and felt it's time to say hello. I purchased a 2007 Pontiac Solstice GXP automatic 3 summers ago. Been learning the car's quirks, err I mean personality! I was looking for a BMW and happened upon this gem with 54K on the odometer, drove it to use as a reference to the BMW and I was smitten in 2nd gear at 3500 rpm!

I've done most of the usual stuff:
Repaired door handles by filling rear cavity with 2 part epoxy
Installed both heat/AC temp control motors and the fan motor resistor
Replaced front rotors with drilled disks new pads, will do rear when the brakes are more worn
New Michelin Primacy's
Added on DDMWorks Brace bundle, coil cover, wind deflector and center console cup holder
KappaBlinker kit from this forum
VVT solenoids

She runs on the warm side but after research here it doesn't cause me much concern.

This forum has been a life saver with the amount of information and experience with these cars that can be found here!

I think a timing chain and associated parts along with the inevitable water pump is in my future.

I'll be parking it around Thanksgiving for it's winter nap, already looking forward to April and spring driving!

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2008 Pontiac Solstice GXP
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Thanks for popping up and 'finally' saying HI... BEAUTIFUL GXP!
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