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3M Pro Series pre cut Rocker / Fender film

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Trying to get ready for NASSAM 2023 Beckley meet. Has anyone installed these 3M precut paint protection films yet? It seems like every different type and brand of films have their own different prep and spray solution combinations. Baby shampoo and water solution for the this particular RVINYL film, along wit a separate water and alcohol solution spray and a spray bottle with just water.

The headlamp lens film called for just water spray, (and I’m not too proud to admit, I gave up on the first try. Those compound angles are impossible!

For this set would like to know if any special techniques to use. One concern is the cutout for the GM MOE emblem. I remember the workers hated the application tool they were given and started just applying them by hand. Location was not important. Hope the cutout in the film accounts for that!

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Take the chicklets off, install the film, then reattach the chicklets inside the holes in the film. Voila!
Got the baby shampoo, isopropyl alcohol, 2 spray bottles, distilled water and a squeegee. Now all I need to do is Jack it up and put my wife to work…LOL
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She did such a great job on it! So proud of her ❤. Actually it was a team effort!
It’s precut perfectly and a breeze to align. You cannot notice it unless you are within 2 feet AND know it’s there and are looking for it. Once you see it, it looks like it came from the factory that way. They still have some available. A fricken bargain at 169$ on Amazon

Here’s the point, can you see it? Sure you can, from. 2’ away and it looks great! It’s installed in all pictures, and I did it myself.

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Here’s the vehicle a week later, I’m a rookie, where’s the 3M tape? Can’t see it right next to it. OMG that is actually funny 😆 Can see the build date of the tires, but not the protective film! 🤣😂😂🤣
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