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My father's prize possession was his black, first 1000 Solstice. He was an active member of this community (Sunstead506, i think) until his accident that totaled his car and took his life last December. He was an avid collector, and in going through his things, I have found a lot of great Solstice stuff that is too painful to keep, and i think could find a good home in this community.

PM me for further info on any item. It was hard to find comparative items being sold for price ranges, so based on their rarity and condition, I have settled on what I think is fair, but am open to negotiate. I am happy to sell this lot individually, just send me a message.
Paypal or Venmo preferred, plus S&H, thanks.

1. Baseball cap, autographed by Bob Lutz and Yuri G, 11/05005, worn/used- $40
2. Red boxed museum quality package of limited edition photographs. I have 2 of those, one opened, and another unopened, high glossy quality photos in mint condition- $50 opened, $75 unopened
3. Metal solstice engraved keychain- $10
4. Press kit, promo packaging, dealer info- $20
5. 3 toy cars, Mint in package, and a Solstice transformer toy (unboxed)- $25
6. Glass engraved Solstice paperweight - $75
7. 1/18th scale die-cast Solstice in fancy 1st 1000 packaging. (box slightly damaged, car inside in mint condition- $200
8. Retractable/hidden front license plate kit, new in package, never used- $40
9. Full color Pontiac Solstice book, Premier Edition- $40
10. GM Wilmington Factory Tour Certificate, cool graphic, laminated- $20
11. A different glossy book, just called "Solstice"- $40
12. Old School Pontiac Service metal sign, 14", sealed in plastic/unopened/new- $20

Please message me if you have further questions. Thanks!
Justin Hayes
jhayescreative @ gmail

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