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Solstice Color/Trim Compatibility Update ...

Please be advised that the following exterior colors, Aggressive (red) 74U and Envious (green) 38U, are not currently compatible to order with the optional Steel/Sand leather interior (312).

A change is presently expected to be made to the VOM Spec Tables and OnLine Order Guide as of August 4, 2005 (not June 23rd as previously communicated), to allow for this combination to be ordered.

Orders on your Order Bank that are not in-system by August 4th may be changed to allow for this combination; otherwise, orders for these exterior colors will need to have Ebony cloth (standard) or Ebony leather interior (192) ordered.


I believe that this will rule out all A) 1000 First 1000 Exclusive Retail Order Solstices B) Free Maintenance Solstices C) Zero Zip Solstices and finally D) up to 5 possible weeks of regular allocation orders.

If any regular allocation orderers what this combo, now is the time to talk to your dealer about sliding back in their priority order.
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